Slot Strategy In A Casino

If you come to a casino to win consistently then you should know that if you’re playing at the bigger jackpot slots then its going to be harder to win on so you’re much better off playing at a machine with a much smaller jackpot.

  • Always check the machines maximum jackpot first off. Two of the machines may look exactly the same but one could payout £1,000 and the other one could pay out £10,000.

Always play with the highest denomination slot that you can afford, the higher the denomination the larger the payout percentage, an example of this is £1 machines are worth much more than a 10p machine would be and so on.

Always play with maximum credits, a lot of machines that you will see online and offline will generally only payout bonuses and progressive jackpots when maximum credits are used, its common fact that the when you hit a jackpot on a maximum credit spin its much much higher than any other one.

  • As its actually impossible to win a progressive jackpot if you aren’t risking the maximum amount it definitely makes sense of you to spend your money wisely. A lot of casinos have several different banks of progressive jackpots which are all linked together.

Always and i mean always bet the max amount allowed by the slot especially when its a progressive one otherwise you haven’t got a chance in hell of winning the big payouts unless you’re up to this kind of range. Make sure you see what is on offer for you as there may be some which have better payouts than others.

Play in the best locations, a lot of times in casinos you’ll find that the slots in the best locations aka the front of house or near any special attractions that the casino might have will have the best payouts as these entice the most customers to come and play meaning that they often build up quite a lot of money in them.

Always play to your own strategy, everyone looks at a casino in a different way and this is what tends to benefit them in the long run, some people think that odds with one payline will reward you much more often where as other people may want to play on slots with different kind of bonus features. However always remember that no matter what machine you pick and where you play it in the world of slot machines luck will always be king, unlike in blackjack where you can directly affect the outcome of the game you only have limited amount of influence over the slot machine and this is why they’re the casinos best money makers and also the biggest rewarders in there and thats all because of the risk involved.